Oh For a Klingon Bird of Prey…

Just posting a quick link to Eaglespeak; he notes a Popular Science article on the DDG1000 (one of my two favorite magazines, along with Air & Space). He points out that the ship may be running into some development issues with its cloak generator…

— Posted by Nicholas.


  1. Haven’t we learned /anything/ from the Philadelphia Expirement? Next thing we know we’ll have guys melted into the structure of the ship and crewmen going forward in time. Or am I the only one who remembers that movie?

  2. The Philadelphia expirement never happened in real life. Moreover, even if it had, there is reason to think that you can use magnets to render a ship invisible. On the other hand, matamaterials have a rational basis, and do not require massive electromagnets.

  3. The Philadelphia expirement never happened in real life‘?!? James, you’re messing with part of my plot in Murdoc’s script for Indiana Jones 4! Oh, yeah. It also has Nazis. I hate those guys. I’m telling you, if you want Indiana Jones the way he ought to be, you want Murdoc to write the screenplay. Tell your congressman. Oh, and ‘there is reason‘ or ‘there is NO reason‘?