Murdoc has entered the building

Murdoc’s trip to the Lone Star State has reached its conclusion, and he will resume regular posting shortly.

He’d like to extend another heartfelt “thanks, guys” to Nicholas and Pinch, who once again have filled in at MO with style. (If they’ve still got some MO material locked and loaded, they are free to post it, so maybe they aren’t quite gone yet…)

Carry on.


  1. glad your back Murdoc. Had a good debate on the division of Iraq, would like to see ya throw in your 8 cents.

  2. Chris: I will certainly weigh in on that…I’ve been meaning to post on exactly that subject for a little while now, and was glad to see the debate in the comments section of Nicholas’ post. Once I restock the fridge that Nicholas and Pinch left empty (again) I’ll get back to it…

  3. hey Murdoc I wanted to know if you could send me Delphi’s E-mail adress, I am interested in hearing more about what he has to say from a Romanian perspective. My E-mail is attached to this, if you could send me that I would appreciate it 🙂