Friday Linkzookery – 27 Oct 2006

‘Heroes’: Pentagon unveils a series of stories on courageous GIs of the Afghanistan and Iraq wars
Frank Warner notes a great new DoD site highlighting the unsung. But not unsung by all…see the next entry.

Someone You Should Know
Blackfive has been running this series for a couple of years now. The most recent Someone is The World’s Strongest Dad

Chief Warrant Officer 3 Lori Hill
Meanwhile, Chuck Simmins notes another noteworthy.

Riding onboard Atlantis during re-entry
Short video from within the shuttle’s cockpit during the STS-115 re-entry. A longer version is available.

Expat Yank has a new home
Go check out the new WordPress site. Another Blogspotter makes a dash for freedom.

Mourning the Demise of Miracle Whip
And a Kraft employee responds.

Scientists piece together a US Navy zeppelin’s past
More on the survey of the USS Macon noted earlier.

Carnival of Homeschooling 43 – Benjamin Franklin
This week at’s ‘Homeschooling’. Also, the Carnival of Kid Comedy at Why Homeschool.

Australian Mufti Won’t Quit Until The World Gets Rid of the White House
The Australian mufti who said women who don’t wear their veils are asking for rape says he won’t quit until “the world is ‘clean of the White House.'”

Urban Resolve 2015 Hopes to Provide Window Into Urban Combat Future
I wonder what the latest Urban Combat Skateboard looks like?

Taliban Changing Tactics
They’re kind of forced to, you know, since they were slaughtered during their big spring and summer offensives this year.

Yet Another Milblogger Forced Out
It’s hard for me to know exactly where to stand on this issue, as I’m not in the service. But the big lockdown on milbloggers seems likely to do more harm than good.

Strykers face new court fight
More legal challenges for the plan to base a Stryker brigade in Hawaii.

Deepwater Sinking?
The big Coast Guard upgrade plan is in more than a bit of trouble due to design flaws.

Europe Dying? Maybe not.
Things always seem worst just before they start to improve. Let’s hope that’s the case with Old Europe.

Know Your Place
Sometimes guns are just too big. Theoretically speaking, anyway.

Google bombing is for losers
Googlebombing things like “liar” to come up with President Bush is stupid. But getting news stories and articles that support your position on things like “electronic voting”, “military recruiting” or any other real topic could potentially have a noticable effect.

Don’t bring a shoe to a gunfight
That should go without saying, but apparently it doesn’t.

Looking for hate
Islamophobia and you.

Strategic Steps For War in Somalia
Recent Military Steps May Serve as a Final Precursor for War on the Horn of Africa

Pics of stuff at Instapinch
It’s easier to go look than for me to try to explain them to you.

Hungary, 50 Years On
Remembering a revolution an ocean away. By John H. Fund.

13 Greatest Horror Movies. Ever!
Obviously, you will never completely agree with this sort of list. Particularly with the ranks. But a good go at such a list, nonetheless.

Germany’s Military Transformation
DID: The German Bundeswehr is no longer the formidable force that some remember from the Cold War.

Guinness sees red over new coloured brew
Red stout? Only for the Brits, apparently.