Taking sniper fire

Wonder if this particular soldier thinks it’s fine for CNN to show video taken by the enemy of snipers firing on US troops?

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BAGHDAD — A Soldier from Troop A, 4th Squadron, 14th Cavalry Regiment, 172nd Stryker Brigade Combat Team, Multi-National Division — Baghdad, provides security after a sniper fires rounds in the vicinity of his unit during a humanitarian aid mission in Baghdad’s Karkh district Oct. 13. Despite terrorist small-arms fire, Soldiers delivered 75 generators to be distributed to the area’s schools, as well as backpacks and soccer balls to be given to the students. [Emphasis Murdoc’s]

Did you notice that? Snipers are firing on a delivery of generators that will provide power for 60 area schools and of backpacks and soccer balls. (Pic from DIVDS)

Wolf Blitzer of CNN, which aired a video of an insurgent sniper shooting a US soldier, asked this:

“Is this appropriate, Mr. Chairman, Congressman Hunter, for the American public to see how awful, to see how brutal the war can actually be? Because I — I guess there has been criticism from the other side that we sort of whitewash, and we don’t really convey to the American public the full extent of the brutality of the enemy. Do the American people have a right to know what war is like?”

How about showing us the soldiers who protect the deliveries of electrical generators, backpacks, and soccer balls to Iraqi schools? That would show us what this war “is like”.

Since you can’t film that from the Green Zone hotels, maybe the US military could put together a video of it for CNN to air. But, alas, that would merely be propaganda.

Rep. Duncan Hunter, R-Calif, asked Blitzer:

“Does CNN want America to win this thing?”

I think the answer has been very clear for quite some time.

Meanwhile, if you really want to support some snipers, why not check out AmericanSnipers.org? I’ve been linking to them for months and have been gratified to see that around 2-3% of MO visitors click over. If straight shootin’ is your thing, why not lend a hand to the good guys?


  1. I look at things from a diffrent perspective I guess, I think that these videos show how brave and how our troops should be revered for their tenacity against such a brutal enemy. I don’t think that these videos are going to make people think ‘oh well now I see the enemy shoot our troops I am against the war now.’ I mean it might be disturbing to see but I don’t honestly think its going to shake public oppinion either way. Either if your pro-war already your going to think the vids are disgusting and complain about them. If your anti-war your going to think that CNN is doing a public service. I think a problem in America right now is that we are too quick to take sides instead of think about things objectively. Ok, CNN showed some brutality on its show, and pro-war supporters are decrying it and saying CNN is biased, however I was just watching Glenn Beck and he is on CNN Headline news and he is far from a liberal. Secondly I was also watching a program on CNN about economic development in the Kurdish region since the war, no critics of CNN seem to mention that. So everyone needs to be fair and keep an open mind, YES CNN is more liberal and antiwar then Fox News but I think together they both present the truth pretty fairly. Its not like in Europe when I was there last year where two newspapers will present one story in such a way that the entire premise is diffrent. A good example was one London newspaper talking about the battle of Falluja as a ‘civilian massacre’ while the other headline read ‘US Forces Battle Terrorists in Falluja.’ True many civlians where killed in that battle, and both papers wrote the same story but as you can tell from the headlines both papers had an overt political axe to grind on opposite sides. As a whole the United States has a pretty good news service. We might complain about biased but its nothing compared to biased internationally in news papers where objectivity goes out the window. My point is to everyone is that we just need to take a deep breath and stop demonizing either side. We are all Americans, we all think terrorism is bad, we all don’t want to see US servicemen killed or wounded. CNN does not want us to LOSE Iraq or see terrorists triumph, they simply are presenting a truthful story about one view of the war. Remember that they are not making something up, or spinning something so much that it distorts the facts they are presenting truth, just maybe not the truth some want to see.

  2. chris, the funny thing is that I never seem to see footage on TV of some terrorist scum getting vapourised. It’s always a US vehicle getting blown up by an IED or a US patrol being shot up. Most of the time they’re just trying to make some people’s lives better with security or food or some other kind of improvement. I never hear the TV presenters talking about how disgusting it is to shoot at people who are trying to deliver humanitarian aid or how bad it is to shoot from a mosque or hospital. In other words I don’t think we’d complain so much if it wasn’t so clearly biased.

  3. A) The video wasn’t shot by a CNN crew covering a firefight. This footage was supplied by the insurgents. Enemy propaganda, no? B) I strongly suspect that a video supplied by the US Army showing our troops picking off insurgents would not be aired because it would appear to make CNN look like a tool of the US Army. (Among other reasons.) C) CNN is on record for spinning their coverage of Saddam’s Iraq in order to get/maintain access. It’s hard to view them as an unbiased and honest news source on this topic. So I’m not buying ‘presenting a truthful story about one view of the war’ for one second.

  4. The media is so biased to the right, its pathetic. Bush has never been called to task for his personal friendship to bin laden, or smoking cigars with prince bandar after 911, or his delays in response to either katrina, 911, or even his arrogantly stupid handling of the war, that he is now totally and completely losing. CNN showing a video clip with the actual hit blacked out is tame.

  5. I never said they where unbiased, they are liberal, like foxnews is conservative. However they ARE presenting the truth, you mistead what I was trying to communicate. It is truthful what ther are putting up, there are no lies or misinformation, simply a diffrent view on things. And the Media has reporters imbeded with every unit in Iraq, if the military does not present a good face the the media then its their own damn fault.

  6. ‘And the Media has reporters imbeded with every unit in Iraq’ Guess how many reporters there are embedded with US units in Iraq. Make a guess. Write it down. Then read: http://www.murdoconline.net/archives/004168.html RE: ‘It is truthful what ther are putting up, there are no lies or misinformation, simply a diffrent view on things.’ Telling partial truths and selected portions of information to communicate an inaccurate picture of what’s going on is not honest reporting. It is not ‘presenting the truth’. And it is certainly not patriotic. No doubt they are (like FoxNews) biased. That’s fine. I’ll just call them biased and complain that their bias hurts America’s cause. And, because of that bias, because they are working very hard to report a ‘diffrent view on things’, because they are hurting America’s cause, I will call them unpatriotic.

  7. Right, telling one side of a story repeatedly, however true that side may be, is not ‘reporting the truth’. It’s lies via omission. For example, if the media reported on every single time that a criminal used a gun, or somebody committed a crime of passion with one, but never reported on the times that people used guns to fend off attackers or save lives, despite the fact they were reporting true events it would still distort the real story of what effect guns have on a society. As for the ‘no lies or misinformation’, I don’t see how you can believe that, but it’s a seperate issue. I remember plenty of recent stories which were incorrect, quite often due to lack of research. Like for example the stories on the telephone data mining and finance tracking efforts. They reported they were illegal, then later admitted they were in fact legal. They were so biased, they didn’t bother to actually check the legality, they just assumed it was illegal and told the whole world about it. They even recently admitted it was their bias which caused the chain of events. How is that ‘no lies or misinformation’?