Ahhh…Paris in the autumn

After Protest March For Jobs, Youths Torch Buses in Paris

Meanwhile, France Prepares 50,000 Riot Police for Muslim Attacks

A commenter on Gateway Pundit writes:

This year Paris, next year Dearborne?

Now, Murdoc would never say “It can’t happen here”, because it can. And it very well might. But I don’t think I’m being overly optimistic when I think that between a fair amount of “Americanization” of immigrant Muslims in Dearborn and elsewhere (at least compared to most immigrant Muslims in most of Europe) and a society that will react with far less tolerance than that in, say, France, we won’t see anything approaching the scale of what we’ve seen in France. And will see again in France.

When Murdoc’s home state of Michigan passed its concealed carry laws a few years back, we were all treated to the predictable “the streets will run with blood” stories in the press. It didn’t come to pass, of course, but don’t discount the threat that a gun-owning society is to troublemakers like these rioters. So while Dearborn may get a taste of them, I don’t think it will really take hold. Or last long, even if it does.

It’s just a lot less fun vandalizing and terrorizing innocent folks when they’re shooting at you.