My apologies for the mess here at MO this weekend. I’ve been doing some major upgrades and site maintenance. Things aren’t 100% done, but it should be the end of outages and major mashups.

As noted in the earlier post about comments (which are now re-opened, BTW), TypeKey registration is now an option. (UPDATE: It’s currently an option…as in not required.) I encourage you to utilize it if you have an account, and to get registered if you don’t. It’s free and easy.

This weekend I moved to a new host, upgraded to the latest version of Movable Type, reorganized my server, um, organization, and upgraded the comments section. I’ve also cut back slightly on the number of ads showing on the site.

All in all, I hope this all makes for a better experience for MO readers. As always, if you see anything mashupped, please let me know. I do all my site design myself (guilty as charged) and I’m not quite perfect all the time.

UPDATE: In a development that should surprise no one, the TypeKey thing doesn’t seem to work here with Internet Explorer. I’m running IE 6 here. I’ll check it with IE 7 tomorrow.

As I said (and I left a much fuller explanation in a comment to this post), TypeKey is not currently required to comment here. It’s an option for the future.

Whether you plan to utilze TypeKey or not, Murdoc suggests giving Firefox a try.

UPDATE 2: Hurray! TypeKey sign-in doesn’t seem to work here with IE7 either. I’m assuming it’s a problem on my site somewhere, but it’s working fine with Firefox and Opera. It’d be easier for me if you all just switched.


  1. What’s the advantage of registering with TypeKey? I tried but it wouldn’t let me register for some reason. Maybe someone else has already registered under my name? It said the name was not available. I’d be pretty surprised if anybody anywhere had the same name as me. So perhaps I registered in the past and forgot my password? I dunno, but it’s a pain 🙂

  2. Right now, to be honest, there isn’t a ton of advantage to registering because I’m not restricting comments. Nothing’s changed as far as the rules to comment here. In the future, though, depending on how things go, I might move to only accepting comments from authenticated users in order to help cut down on spam and other random garbage. A conceivable scenario would be that I’d let anyone leave a comment, but comments would go into moderation unless they were left by an authenticated user. Or I might require TypeKey authentication to leave a comment at all, and only commenters I mark as ‘trusted’ would get their comments posted without my review. Another option, besides TypeKey, would be to implement a captcha thingy where you enter in some text based on an image shown each time you leave a comment. That would be less of a hassle for one-time or infrequent visitors, but regulars like you would have to do it every time. With TypeKey you sign in once and you’re in for up to two weeks. I’m hoping to do a better job with MT’s built-in spam filters and possibly a couple of plug-ins I’ve been looking at to screen more junk out without having to ask for more work from MO’s readers. The comments section is a huge part of what makes this site so much fun for me and I’m sure it’s a big part of what makes it enjoyable and informative for readers, so I’m hesitant to impose on commenters for fear of losing them. On the other hand, the spam is absolutely outrageous and I spend an awful lot of time trying to keep it cleared out. It’s not so evident on the more recent posts, but older posts will sometimes get hundreds of spams a day. Those are the ones that get through the filters…for all my complaining, the filters get at least 90% of it. A lot of times spam is for insurance or free ringtones or gambling sites. But many times it for some really trashy stuff. It goes in phases, it seems. Lately it’s some truly horrific subjects and I don’t dare leave the damn things up any longer than I have to. I don’t know how bigger sites can deal with it.

  3. OK, that’s what I thought, thanks. If you do require registered users to avoid moderation in future I’ll definitely sign up, under a different name I guess. Or try harder to remember what password I might have used.

  4. Nicholas, I tried the TypeKey too, and it did not let me register with my nickname. I am absolutely sure that I have never used the TypeKey before, so it should be either a bug, or somebody else registred already with our names.