Bill Roggio is going back to Iraq

Bill Roggio of The Fourth Rail is going back to Iraq.

I learned early on that our greatest deficiencies in this war are partisan free reporting, education on the nature of our enemy, and honest, informed reporting on how our troops are doing on the ground. Currently, there are 11 embedded reporters in Iraq, while the United States has over 150,000 troops in country.

Bill’s the real deal. I keep trying to decide if I envy him for “getting” to go embed in Iraq or if I honestly think “better him than me”. Regardless of how chicken Chickenhawk Murdoc is, Bill’s a great guy and does us all a great service by taking the time and making the effort.

Please consider giving him a bit of support. (I know I’ve been bugging you guys about money a lot lately. But none of it has been for me. It’s for things that I think are important to us all.)