Where’s PETA on this?

Iraqi forces disarm explosives-laden donkeys
Animals were carrying dozens of anti-tank rounds near Iranian boarder

Iranian boarder? Prepare to repel him! Ahem.


Iraqi security forces patrolling near the Iranian border found six donkeys carrying dozens of high-explosive anti-tank mines, the U.S. military said in a statement Thursday.

The military said two men fled the scene in the religiously-mixed Diyala province where the insurgency is active.

53 Russian and Italian made anti-tank mines were seized. The donkeys were released.

There’s got to be a great joke in here somewhere, but it’s escaping me at the moment.


  1. PETA president Ingrid Newkirk in a 2003 response to explodin Palestinian donkey: ‘Animals claim no nation. They are in perpetual involuntary servitude to all humankind, and although they pose no threat and own no weapons, human beings always win in the undeclared war against them. For animals, there is no Geneva Convention and no peace treaty–just our mercy.’ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Exploding_donkey I don’t really want to know what leaps of logic made me think of this, but what worries me is the thought of icognito suicide bombers. How much plastique can lower GI tract hold? Or woman’s womb? Hell, you could dress up the detonator like a small vibrator, and slip past almost any screening. Put her in a halter top to make it obvious she’s not wearing the usual vest, and she could get as close as she needed. a quick stop at a bank, and she has a purse full of rolls of quarters/shrapnel. oy, why do I think such things.

  2. mrnitropb: Remember those two Russain airliners simultaneously blown out of the sky in August 2004? Some suspect that the female Chechen terrorists got the bombs aboard up their, um, privates. I don’t know if that’s pure speculation or if there’s evidence of some sort to suggest it. As far as I recall, the whole Russian security system was pretty shoddy that day.