Projection of the Election

Scott Elliot’s final Election Projection is up.

His projections show the Dems getting a 227-208 majority in the House (+25 seats) and pulling into a 49-49 tie in the Senate (+5 seats). I’ve got to say that I’m expecting better from the GOP than that, though I’m not terribly optimistic. With the news coverage and campaigns and polls like they are, however, it’s hard to know what to think.

So instead of worrying about coverage and campaigns and polls, I guess I’ll just go vote.

Be sure that you do the same.

UPDATE: Regarding Election Projection’s projections–they’re Blogging Ceasar’s projections, not predictions. Read his Mother of all disclaimers.

His predictions are Dems +11 in the House and +4 in the Senate. This is more along the lines of what Murdoc is thinking. Either way, it’s going to be close in both houses. Which is maybe just as well.

The way things have been going now for some time, the last thing I want is for Congress to actually do something.


  1. Keep this in mind when you do: If [Daniel Ortega’s] victory is confirmed, the Cold War icon would join a growing number of leftist Latin American rulers, led by Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez, who has tried to help his Nicaraguan ally by shipping cheap oil to the poor, energy-starved nation. The world is not becoming a safer place.

  2. I think the media will be surprised by how good the Republicans do. Kiwiruss projects a 3 seat gain in the senate for the republicans, and a 5 seat gain in the house ! HOOAH And Dick DeVoss to be the New Gov for Michigan which will swing back to Republican !

  3. Murdoc voted DeVos. I’m not the biggest DeVos fan in the state, and I don’t totally hate Granholm like a lot of Conservatives. I don’t particularly like her, and I disagree with a lot of her policies, but I also don’t really blame her for a lot of what’s happened lately in Michigan. It’s been a bad situation, and I doubt a Republican would have done much better. FWIW, I think your projections are overly optimistic. Either way, it’s going to be very close in both houses of Congress, with very slight leads either way in both cases. Probably just as well.

  4. My thoughts can be summarized quite well based on a conversation with a coworker that went like this… ‘Don’t worry about who gets elected. either way it will suck and they will do nothing for the common people. It is like asking the question, ‘I am going to kill you, would you like to be shot or hung?’ It is not like there are any good ‘reasonable choices”. I did go out and vote, and I believe myself to be moderately educated when it comes to politics. I do hope for some peace and coopeeration once this is all finalized. We need to move our country from doing nothing (domestically) to moving some agenda (even if it is not what I want) forward. Then we can debate the success of a policy rather than debate the potential failures of something we will never see. One of these days an ordinary person with basic common sense needs to hold office and force change through and highlight the crazy stuff that currently occupies the time and minds of our elected officials.

  5. MA continues to suffer the legislative deathgrip of Dems. The more interesting race is for governor between Deval Patrick and Kerry Healey. Patrick would be the first non-white elected gov; Healey, the first woman. As of last night, Dem Deval Patrick is poised to crush Rep Kerry Healey, Mitt Romney’s Lt Gov. With a dem gov and dem legislature, we can finally have utopia. … I had to say that in case the Thought Police were monitoring. If I need to flee MA as a refugee, I’m taking my family straight to MO’s house. Compound. Whichever.

  6. This is probably gonna be ’94 on a much smaller scale. Face ot the republicans have not done shit in the past few years and have gotten too preoccupied with increasing personal pocketbooks instead of doing anything good for the nation. The democrats have been forced to innovate, come up with some good ideas etc. They will take at least the house and maybe the senate. If they do well 08 will be another big democratic year but then you will see that within the 2 decades they will be hounded out of office when they become obsessed with money for themselves etc.

  7. The democrats have been forced to innovate, come up with some good ideas etc. What the…, we’re talking the USA here, not Neverland. The Dems haven’t had a new idea in 30 years, unless you consider raising taxes and increasing the size of government ‘new’. That would, in fact, mean you were born yesterday. Hell, I wish what you said was true too, but wishing it ain’t making it happen.

  8. Which is better spending and spending and spending borrowed money for more hardware or trimming the huge amounts of fat off of the federal budget? I tell you the republicans sure as heck have not been a party of fiscal discipline for the past 12 years.

  9. Wow, Elliot hit it pretty close. I wonder what Rush Limbaugh is going to have to say today? He was predicting the Republicans would gain seats. I guess he’s the band and the Republican Party is the Titanic.

  10. As for which is better, high taxes and high spending or low taxes and high spending, I choose neither. If neither the Democrats nor Republicans get that, then I say it’s time for a party that does.