Polls close here in ten minutes

My election coverage has been pretty minimal, but not non-existent. That doesn’t mean I don’t think this is very important. At work today my prediction on the board was a Dem gain of 11 seats in the House and 4 seats in the Senate, with the asterisk saying that I thought the advantage in the House by either party would be by less than six seats.

I hope I was right, but if the Republicans lose bigger I don’t know that I’ll be shedding many tears. They’ve almost completely wasted a lengthy period of Congressional control while their party held the White House. That being said, I think things could have been far, far worse, and I fear that they might be if the Democrats have a sizable advantage.

I haven’t watched television news in months (literally) but I’m on my way to turn it on as soon as this posts.

UPDATE: I’ve held out for over an hour and a half, but I don’t think I can take any more television news. They’re calling tons of races with 1% and 2% of the vote in, and Fox News has called two races already where their pick is trailing by 10% at this point.

24-hour television news is worthless. Doubly so on election night.

I don’t need this noise. I’ll look at the results tomorrow.


  1. It’ll be tomorrow before it settles out, that’s for sure. For me this is a win no matter what. I’m a staunch conservative but like many I’m mad. I don’t like the idea of the variouse creatures in charge of what was once a respectable political party getting control of the house. Having said that I’m mad at some of the senior house Republicans (well also the Senate) for acting like they were in the minority instead of the majority. A couple of years in the minor leagues may get their attention focused where it should be. If, by some fluke, Republicans retain control it’s still good. They’ll have had the hell scared out of them and hopefully will get seriouse. I also consider it educational for the nation. People forget exactly what the democrat party has turned into over the years (Carl Albert must be spinning in his grave). A minor refresher is due them, it shouldn’t be to painfull since the democrat’s did not recieve (no matter how they posture) a mandate and their more insane policies shouldn’t get any traction. Perhaps I’m crass but I should be sold out and fully retired before those people have a chance to dork up anything seriously 🙂 With luck I’ll be sitting in my boat salmon fishing when taxes start heading stratospheric.

  2. It looks to me like they got a major refresher. I guess all the money they got from those businesses that benefited from their ear-marked pork didn’t pay off for them when it came election time. The real good news is, Rumsfeld is still your Secretary of Defense. Yeah, that guy is clearly more important than keeping a majority in the House or Sentate. What an idiot Bush is. I’ve never seen a President that was so clueless when it came to politics 101.

  3. Dfens Both sides feed at the trough. The ones in the minority fatten up just as much as the ones in the majority. It’s just less publicized. Some do it for greed. Some do it because they have to repay IOU’s. Some do it because they feel it’s a duty to their constituents. The important thing is major policy. That will suffer now. Not because most Democrats are cretins but because they’ve allowed their leadership to be usurped by cretins. We’ll see some major IOU’s being called on the Democrat leadership shortly. It will be humerous to watch them trying to repay these IOU’s without a major mandate.