As my grandpa used to say: “Uff Da!”

Well, it appears that Murdoc may have been a bit, um, optimistic when he said the Dems would pick up 11 seats in the House.

For what it’s worth, I stand by what I wrote yesterday just before the polls closed:

Okay, this is a bit scary…But if they don’t lose us the war or raise taxes too much we should be okay.

If the Republicans lose bigger I don’t know that I’ll be shedding many tears. They’ve almost completely wasted a lengthy period of Congressional control while their party held the White House. That being said, I think things could have been far, far worse, and I fear that they might be if the Democrats have a sizable advantage.

I’ve thought for some time now that I can barely tell the difference between Congressional Republicans and Congressional Democrats, and I guess I hope that blurriness continues. In the bit of television news I was able to stomach last night, a number of folks commented that the Democrats were gaining in most places because they ran more moderate candidates in traditional Republican territory and were winning with them. Though I truly do fear a bit for our foreign policy and our taxation (the two most important functions that a national government controls) I’m certainly not quaking right now.

Of course, I might start quaking once the Dems start actually doing things besides making speeches, but if they’re as ineffective getting Liberal policy passed as the Republicans have been getting Conservative policy passed, I don’t know that we have too much to worry about. Though the Dem advantage in the House isn’t insignificant, it is the same advantage that the Republicans have held for the last two years.

As for the Senate, which is still up the air, I certainly would like to see the GOP retain control. But I also am not too terribly worried at this point. It’s going to be within a seat or two either way, and (if anything) the Republican Senate has been even more ineffective than the Republican House.

I mean, it’s not like Congress was actually going to secure the border or fix Social Security or stop porking up spending bills any time soon.

There are a lot things a lot worse than a lot of Congressional deadlock.

Murdoc is Conservative and mostly Republican, but he’s an American first. If the Dems can do good things for America, bring ’em on. As long as they don’t lose the war for us or screw with taxes too much, I can deal with it.

Besides, I have a hunch that a Democratic Congress in 2007 and 2008 will virtually hand the White House to a Republican in January of 2009. We’ll see.

(Note: Murdoc’s grandfather was not Norwegian, so I don’t know why he said “Uff Da”. But he did from time to time, and every time I hear the expression I think of him. I don’t know for sure, but I suspect that he’d look at today’s political landscape and just shake his head.)

UPDATE: Good blogger round-up at Wizbang.


  1. I heard the other night that Pelosi, a long time wife, mother& businesswoman, was once accused of being a conservative. She’s probably not too much to worry about. Those who loudly proclaimed her an uber-liberal were probably just running scared. As mentioned, the Democrats couldn’t have made these gains without running as moderates. They couldn’t have made the same while running as liberals. If they maintain their moderation, I think they will keep most of these gains for the next elecction. And I thinkt the Republicans will return to less extreme position, and at least not lose anything more. The government will be split; and ultimately less tax/bond money will be blown making the government bigger.