Rummy resigning?

The BREAKING NEWS thingy at says that the AP is reporting that Republican officials are saying that Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld is “stepping down”.

I have mixed feelings about that, if it’s true.


  1. That dumbass Bush! Why the hell didn’t he do this 3 months ago and at least save the chance of keeping a Republican majority in Congress? There is no excuse for this idiot. He’s a second generation president. I thought my son was hard headed. This guy must have a skull of tungsten.

  2. What happened to ‘says what he means and means what he says’? He was for Rumsfeld before he was against him apparently. And I thought liberals were hand-wringers. That news conference was embarassing. What a fool. V

  3. Hell yes it was Bush. ‘Well the reason I said I was not going to get rid of Rumsfeld yesterday and then did a 180 today was…’ Could he look any more stupid? At this point you might just as well stick with Rummy for a month or two just to make it look like you aren’t just firing him because the election didn’t go your way. Bush is the gift that just keeps on giving – if you’re a Democrat.

  4. I’m going to miss the Rummy interviews. Watching him slap a CNN hack around a room was the best reality TV ever.

  5. Well when the Army, Air Force and Navy Times all post editorials that calling for Rumsfeld’s head… He has to go. What I hate, is that his firing was political and not on the merits. He really should of been let go a couple of years ago – that way his replacement would be able to do something. Now, all that happens is Gates is set up to fail and flounder. I would look for some real expensive budget games to commence. The army struck first, the air force is saying its broke… We need a strong sect def to get it together. Good thing we fired one and the replacement is lame duck.

  6. Not even he deserved to be the scape goat for the Republican loss yesterday. I cannot recall when I’ve ever seen a president string together more stupid moves in a row in my entire life. What lost it for the Republicans was the out of control, pork barrel spending, failure to control our ports or borders, failure to actually reform the military procurement system (inexcusable, we are at war), and a failure to look out for our interests in international trade. Why do you think all of those Northeastern and Midwest Republicans got canned? Aren’t those the areas worst hit by the collapse of our industrial base? Neither party wants to address those issues, so the spin goes on.

  7. My feelings about Rummey have been mixed for a couple of years. We should have enlarged Army ground forces by a couple of divisions after 9-11. Rummey wanted to go high-tech and never asked Congress and the President for the expansion. Now our guys are paying with frequent deployments.

  8. Did you catch this from Drudge? Donald Rumsfeld’s abrupt resignation from the Pentagon the day after Republicans lost both chambers of Congress has infuriated some GOP officials on and off Capitol Hill. Members and staff still reeling from Tuesday’s rout are furious about the administration’s decision to dump the controversial defense secretary one day after their historic loss, they said in a series of interviews about the election results. President Bush announced Rumsfeld’s resignation on Wednesday and named Bob Gates, a former CIA chief and president of Texas A&M University, as his replacement. ‘The White House said keeping the majority was a priority, but they failed to do the one thing that could have made a difference,’ one House GOP leadership aide said Thursday. ‘For them to toss Rumsfeld one day after the election was a slap in the face to everyone who worked hard to protect the majority.’ Exit polling suggested that an overwhelming majority of voters disapproved of the administration’s handling of the war in Iraq, and members and aides were frustrated with the timing of the announcement because an earlier resignation could have given them a boost on the campaign trail, they believe. ‘They did this to protect themselves, but they couldn’t protect us?’ another Republican aide said yesterday. This is the worst president ever. I swear, Jimmy Carter did less damage to the Democrats than Bush is doing to the Republicans. The worst thing, as far as I’m concerned, is the message firing Rumsfeld sent to the Democrats. It’s the, ‘ok, you’re in power now, let me see if I can bend over backwards to kiss your ass’ message. And he makes his ‘good buddy’ the scape goat for the election. Who does he think he makes happy by doing that? The only people who are happy are the Democrats.