Help! Barrett M468 vs. Barrett M648

Okay. I give up. What’s the difference between Barrett’s M468 and Barrett’s M648?

They’re both assalt rifles chambered for the new 6.8 SPC cartridge, but everywhere I look the designations M468 and M648 seem to be used interchangeably.

(Actually, I’m almost willing to believe that there’s really no such thing as a Barrett M648. A google of Barrett’s own site turns up exactly zero pages referencing ‘M648’. But several well-known and respectable publications (most notably the magazine ‘Small Arms Review’) have information and/or articles on the M648. For years I’ve been hearing about the M468. Now lately it’s all been M648.)

Someone help out ol’ Murdoc.


  1. ‘Kind of like that guy who always spells Murdoch without the ‘h’.’ OOOOOOF, Brickmuppet. That was downright nasty!

  2. 6.8mm is better but not good enough. I know my 8mm tore the sternum out of a deer once. Took the tip of the heart out on its way there. Old boy was dead before he knew he was hit. I guess WW1 and 2 were before men became women.