Gladiator Unmanned Guided Vehicle

U.S. Marine Corps Systems Command’s Program Manager for Robotic Systems will display the Gladiator – Tactical Unmanned Guided Vehicle at the dedication of the National Museum of the Marine Corps Quantico, Va., Nov. 10, 2006. U.S. Marine Corps courtesy photo

For the story on the museum, see Systems Command large presence at National Museum of the Marine Corps dedication

A 2003 story on the Gladiator writes:

The 4-foot-tall, 1,600-pound concept vehicle recently was demonstrated at Camp Smith, launching dozens of smoke rounds downrange that could have been tear gas, or stingball and flashbang grenades.

Cued by an operator walking behind a rifle squad of Marine police, the Gladiator also fired paintball rounds with pinpoint accuracy, and blank rounds rattled from a swiveling M240G medium machine gun.

With a variety of cameras on board, the Gladiator can see in the dark, and through smoke.

The little armored vehicle also is being designed to perform surveillance, obstacle breaching, and nuclear, biological and chemical reconnaissance.

You can see that one of these has tracks and the other has wheels. I don’t know if they’ve decided which to go with.


  1. Damm Think they could squeeze one more weapon or smoke tube on that thing or what. Are these things controlled in near area like the nearby trac or are they like the predators controlled back at base or even better state side? That to me is the question on wether this thing will have value or just be anothe novelty. If controlled from trac I think its value is novelty at best just more confusion waste at worste. If this thing is like the predators it would be revolutionary. I could see the idea of a picket/century type system laced through the city 24/7 with patrols basicly playing tag on thier refuel(sitting still on battery should last a long time between charing with engine idle)/rearm/replacement of them. Bunch desk jockeys taking shifts stateside looking for targets of oportunity or suspicous activity to investigate. They could reinforce eachother by thier mobility and the regulars at the FOB could reinforce them. If the Jihadi’s want ot trade one of thier own + a handfull of unlucky civilians per one gladiator/damaged/scraped I say retool Ford/GM and GAME ON. That last part if possible would very cool if feasable. Bandwidth I think could be some major stumbling block thou.