M1117 Guardian ASV photos

I’ve mentioned the M1117 Guardian Armored Security Vehicle before, most recently in MPs in action. The ASV was originally developed as a heavy military police vehicle, but the environment in Iraq, filled with roadside bombs, is making it clear that an alternative to the current Humvee, even the purpose-built up-armored version, is needed. ASVs are in high demand, and by more than just the MPs.

Here are some good shots of the M1117 from DVIDS:

Meanwhile, ACE notes some news on the Joint Light Tactical Vehicle Program (JLTV).


  1. Kinda remins me of a BRDM, and largely fills the same role. It only takes the U.S. Military about 40 years to get a good idea.

  2. It’s an updated/lengthened version of the V-150 Cadillac-Gage Commando from the Vietnam War. Air Force SP’s used them for airbase defense in SW Asia. Yup, that’s a Mk19 in the turret, not sure of the other co-axial, most likely a Ma Duece though.

  3. Oops, SouthEAST Asia! We need them now for the duties we’re performing in Iraq. Hell, all of our guys should get them! A nice ‘V’ could be welded onto the bottom to deflect mine blasts, like the South African Meerkats and Buffalo hulls have. Only problem is they’ll always make a bigger bomb to defeat it.

  4. It’s a fifty cal and a Mk19. They’re a pretty damn good ride. They have great A/C and they roll pretty well down the road. I rolled on one for about three months while I was on convoys and my only gripe is really a matter of personal preference. If it were up to me, I’d rather have an M240 in place of the Mk19. However, there is a pintle mount on the side of the turret so if I really wanted one, I could have put one on top. The wierdest quirk with these things is that the truck commander and driver have hydraulic powered seats. Not a bad idea but they tend to malfunction or get broke really easy. Other than that, it’s a damn good vehicle.

  5. Yup, V-150 all right. It’s predecessor, the V-100, was designated M-706 and was used by Army and Air Force MP and security units in Vietnam. The V-150 was sold to some 20 or so countries around the world in the 1970s, with the big buyer being the Saudi Arabian National Guard. They bought enough to equip two brigades of 4 battalions each (about 1000 vehicles in 10 or 12 variants). They were used to good effect by SANG at the Battle of Khafji. Not a bad vehicle. Cross-country mobility was fairly good and ballistic protection was ok. The Global Security write-up indicates the hull has been improved. Here is a link: http://www.globalsecurity.org/military/systems/ground/asv.htm

  6. I opperated the turret in this vehicle for a year while depolyed in Iraq. The accuracy of the .50 cal is amazing. I never had to use the mk19. I would rather have had a 240b or m60 instead. The a.c. kicked ass in the summer. This is one awesome truck. Nothing can slow it down and it will take one hell of an IED hit. Only complaint; better visibility