Friday Linkzookery – 17 Nov 2006

The Timber Terror
The Mosquito light bomber.

Marines Vs Camel Spiders
Or what Doc did in Iraq when he was bored. ‘Doc in the Box’, not murDoc…Murdoc’s a civie…

I Park Like An Idiot
There’s no shortage of people who need these stickers on their vehicle.

Secret of Cold War Spy Messages Revealed
The Stasi’s invisible ink formula is secret no more. Just in time.

Edmund Fitzgerald Videos
Various videos of the ship, headlined by a great memorial video set to Gordon Lightfoot’s ‘The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald’.

Dutch government seeks to ban full-length veils
As a reader emails: “Just, wow.” This is an opportunity, though, for Muslims to show that they can address adversity via civil means and to show that they will make every effort to keep their more-extreme members under control. Think it will go well? I don’t agree with the attempt to ban, but that won’t justify (at all…in any way) the response I think we’re going to see.

Leonid Meteor Showers in Michigan
Particularly good viewing here in the Wolverine State.

Iraqi Army Soldiers Taking Fight to Enemy
Iraqi Special Forces, Police Nab Cell Leaders, Members
Iraqi Soldiers Begin Sweep in Northern Iraq
Though they’ve got a long way to go, they’re continuing to make headway all the time.

Coast Guard cuts deal for Baltimore’s landfill gas
More cost-cutting and energy-saving by the defense sector. Good to see.

Blackhawk Tactical Vests are 60% off
Closeout items.

Man arrested with $78,000, nuclear info
Court records say suspect was carrying cash, data about nukes and cyanide

$1.1B in Hummer Orders Issued by US Army TACOM
That’s a lot of cash for a vehicle that just isn’t getting it done.

US Citizen Living in England Sues Over US Gun Control Laws
He’s not allowed to buy a gun for self-protection while back in the US. That doesn’t seem to make sense to Murdoc.

Indiana Guard Has Big Impact on Border Mission
The 938th Military Police Detachment, scans the brush and rugged terrain for anything worthy of a radio call to Tucson Sector Border Patrol.

The Czech Republic promotes democracy
They’ve got an idea what oppression feels like. And they don’t like it.

DeLand man charged in theft of Roosevelt’s San Juan Hill pistol
The pistol was salvaged from the sunken battleship Maine. It was stolen from a museum 16 years ago.

Air Force Declassifies Elite Aggressor Program
Constant Peg saw U.S. Air Force, Navy, and Marine aircrews flying against Soviet-designed MiG fighters from 1977 to 1988.

Is That an Apache in Your Pocket?
Brass knuckles, knife, and pistol all in one small, convenient package.

OJ Simpson’s Hypothetical Cell Mate Writes Book About How He Would Hypothetically Rape Him
Okay. Admit it. That’s funny.

To cut costs, NASA plans to outsource its shipping jobs
The Shuttle’s impending retirement and the Progress’ small capacity are forcing NASA’s hand. Good.

BLM OKs oil project leases: 3 companies could begin trials of shale ventures next year
As I’ve mentioned in the past, I don’t know enough about oil shale/sands, but I’ve been intrigued with the concept since I was a kid.

Effects of troop numbers in Iraq
I think there’s a lot more to it than simple troop totals, but I wouldn’t mind seeing a few more troops in Iraq. At least not if they’re going to take the fight to the bad guys.

Greenleaf’s Gun Ownership Ordinance Passes
Idaho city council passes law recommending that all citizens keep a gun in their home for personal protection.

Brits Adopt German 40mm GMG
“The GMG is similar to the American Mk 19 automatic grenade launcher, but lighter, more reliable and easier to use.”

ROVER Sics TacAir on America’s Enemies
MO noted the ROVER system when it was added to F-14s.

The War Moves to Somalia
“Growing evidence that Eritrea is providing military support to Somalia’s Islamic Courts militias”

Tactical RPG Airbag Protection System
TRAPS is basically “Airbags Versus RPGs”. Built by Textron.

Lessons of the Dreadnought
History suggests that large technological leads in military technology don’t last very long.

Canadian plans for North America’s first ‘Deep Rock’ nuclear waste storage facility
It will be on the shores of Lake Huron. While I strongly support the expansion of nuclear power generation, the waste storage issue is indeed a troubling one.

Hovering in History
Damn interesting post on military hovercraft attempts.

The Chinese sub threat
Donald Sensing on this issue. Good discussion in the comments.

NORAD’s Santa-Tracking Web Site Opens for 2006 Season
Ho ho ho.


  1. The really worrying thing is that that nuclear waste storage site is only for low and medium level waste, which is basically harmless. Why make such a big deal about it? It isn’t even spent fuel. Mostly just clothes, paper, etc. which MIGHT have been exposed to radiation, and mechanical parts which were exposed and are slightly radioactive as a result. The only possible danger would be if somebody actually went into the storage site unprotected and stayed there for a while. That’s assuming there’s no shielding in there and the stuff is just lying around in piles. It really helps to understand the situation and not just react reflexively.

  2. I Park Like An Idiot-Stickers’ are tempting. I think I’ll buy 100. They ought to last about 2-days in my neighborhood. Speaking of ‘bumper stickers’ I picked up one recently for my car: …………………………………… . RUN, HILLARY,RUN……. . . . . [For use on FRONT bumper only] . ……………………………………

  3. Yeah I could do with some of those stickers too. Someone parked sticking out into my driveway last night. Luckily I had no plans to go anywhere. It’s amazing how selfish people are.

  4. The Mosquito, what a cool airplane. More proof that ‘speed is life’. It should be noted that wood is a cellulose/cellulose composite.