Deadlies at Defense Tech

I forgot to mention the Deadlies contest at Defense Tech, and now that I was going to get my nominee in I see that someone already submitted it.

Anyway, the Man Cannon mentioned on MO back in May (here and here) made the list. Check out Defense Tech for more Deadlies.

Regarding the DARPA Man Cannon, I wrote:

My initial reaction was “why isn’t everyone working on an “IED Manhattan Project”, but upon reflection I’m wondering if maybe we don’t necessarily want this group of researchers working on anything involving explosives.

The latest Deadlies entry? Why, the Nuke Bazooka, of course.


  1. Hmm the Davy Crockett. Assuming there’d been conflict along the Fulda gap and this weapon had been used to stop the 18th guards army. Could some enterprising engineer have carved in the hills ‘Davy Crockett Kilt A Bare Here.’