All your bsae are belong to us!

File this under “What a moron, Take 3“. (Takes one and two ran earlier today.)

More Sheehanigans:


Police block anti-war activists Cindy Sheehan (L) of the US, whose son Casey was killed during combat in Iraq in April 2004, and Medea Benjamin (R), the founding director of Code Pink, as they try to enter the headquarters of US Forces Korea (USFK) to meet the USFK head in Seoul. A group of US peace activists led by Sheehan staged a protest outside the headquarters base of US troops, urging a halt to the relocation of US military bases in South Korea.(AFP/Kim Jae-Hwan)

If this hadn’t run on Yahoo under an AFP byline, I’d strongly suspect photoshop. This placard is just the type of thing used to build common “enter your text”-type sign-building toys. And the whole image looks a bit weird. Colors and lighting appears to be off, and such.

Still, these loons don’t get the benefit of the doubt here at MO. They’ve proven themselves time and time again that they’re capable of some of the stupidest things, and they’ve shown no inclination to alter their behavior. (via Milblogs)


  1. Have to control my blood pressure…. I do wish someone would mention to the SK press the issue about her ‘beloved’ son’s tombstone. That whole disgusting episode would play well in SK. They, at least, take that seriously. Hmm they’re STILL relocating the Hq’s ? 🙂 Sheesh, that’s been going on for a decade now.

  2. Count on it, the picture will be on every photoshop contest around the Internet, pretty soon. Anyway, how can you believe she can spell if she can-

  3. Its funny how she forgets to mention that the US is moving the bases partially because the Koreans want us to. … and two, how much South Korea hyperventalates whenever we talk about troop reductions.