Bill Roggio back to Iraq

This is a reminder that Bill Roggio of the Fourth Rail is going back to Iraq within the next week.

This is something:

I was able to secure the embed without going through an outside media organization, as I had to do in the past. I established a non-profit, called Public Multimedia, Inc., incorporated as a media company, and was able to obtain my own credentials. This is a great start to allow me to embed in the future, as well as potentially sponsor others who are interested in embedding. This also should put to rest any claims the military is censoring or unwilling to work with bloggers.

Emphasis was deservedly in the original. That’s really a big deal, if you ask Murdoc.

Bill’s still needing a little more funding (well, okay, $3,000) to make this happen the way it should happen. He’s doing this on his own, and if you value his reporting please consider tossing a bit of cash in his direction.