Site issues

Less than 48 hours after moving to my new host, problems cropped up. Twice. That was Friday morning, and it seemed to be resolved by noon. As my tracerts were all having trouble getting through Chicago, I even wondered if maybe the crush of Black Friday online shoppers was interfering somehow.

Unfortunately, the same issue has come up again today. (They haven’t told me it’s my fault so far, luckily.) I know that MO has been off the air at times today, and I apologize. The hosting company seems to be working hard at resolving the problem, and they have been communicating very diligently, so I’m giving them a bit of leeway. Besides, I don’t feel like moving again.

I’m trying out Media Temple’s new GRID Server plan. When the thing’s not down, it seems to run just fine. But two out of six days have had problems. We’ll see.

My previous stop, at Blue Hosting, simply didn’t provide the performance I needed for MO. I was constantly running into CPU overages which shut me down temporarily, and one night a heavy spam attack took me out for a couple of hours. That’s too bad, as Blue Hosting seemed like a really good deal and looked to have everything a Movable Type blogger would want.

Hopefully, Media Temple will get things straightened out.