New MilSearch

I’ve revamped the old Murdoc’s MilSearch using new Google-based technology. This should greatly improve your search results. Check it out and see what you think.

It will always be accessible at the link in the menu below the banner.

Murdoc’s MilSearch googles a limited set of military-themed webs sites, hopefully bringing us only the most useful information for the military stuff we want to learn about. Some of the sites included in the MilSearch are blogs and others are reference sites. I will be expanding the number of sites included as time passes, but I want to make sure that I include only the best to help make MilSearch the go-to source for good military information.

If you have suggestions for sites to include, be sure an let me know.

UPDATE: I had dropped the wrong snippet of code into this post. Entering a query on MilSearch should take you to a custom-built Murdoc Online page with the results, not the generic Google page. It’s now fixed. Try it out.