Frank Warner interviews an Army Captain in Iraq

Free Frank Warner, a finalist in the 2006 Weblog Awards, posts an interview with U.S. Army Capt. Eric Coulson, commander of A Company, 321 Engineer Battalion in Ramadi. Here’s a sample:

FW: You sound fairly confident you can avoid most IEDs. Is it so easy? Don’t give away secrets, but aren’t some IEDs just too hard to detect? They could be buried, or hidden under something else.

Capt. Coulson: I am confident that we can detect most IED’s; no it is not easy – but we are well trained and highly motivated. Occasionally the enemy gets one by us, but even then we review things tell tale indicators become obvious. Yes they can be buried and hidden under something. That does not defeat detection.

Good stuff. And Capt. Coulson is totally on Frank Warner’s “classical liberalism” wavelength:

“Liberalism” today as embodied by the baby boom generation that came of age in the 1960’s during the Vietnam war has nothing to do with classical liberalism as one might recognize from an earlier time.

One will note that the “anti-war” protests of the Vietnam War ended as soon as the draft did. One has not seen protests on that scale this time because there is no draft. It’s not about the correctness of the endeavor, it’s about being personally convenient to the person.

You really ought to go read the whole thing.