Vote for Pedro

The 2006 Weblog Awards

Voting for the 2006 Weblog Awards has begun. Murdoc is in the running for the Best of the Top 1001 – 1750 Blogs, and you can vote once per day, just like they do in Detroit.

So go vote. Go tell your friends to go vote. Tell your friends to tell their friends to go vote. If enough people vote, Murdoc is sure to get a few cast for him.

For what it’s worth, Murdoc will not be voting in his category. He hopes this altruistic stance will sucker some poor saps into voting for him.

Let’s Murdoc the Vote!

I am [insert name of candidate], a candidate for [insert office sought], and I approved this advertisement.


  1. AWTM: Thanks! MilBloggers and MilBlogger wannabees (ahem…) have a great showing this year. Lots of good ones didn’t make the cut, though.