Hint: It ends in a ‘4’

Quick Question: Of US Army personnel in Iraq or Afghanistan, how many of them have deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan at least once before:

    Is it:

  • 14%
  • 24%
  • 44%
  • 74%
  • 94%

Use your mouse to ‘select’ the block below to get your answer:

That number is surprising and from the Army Times. (via Mudville)


  1. However, almost a third (30%) of DOD personnel have deployed more than once. That means that while the Army is deploying 24% of its force more than once (an amazingly high number), there are other departments that are deploying higher percentages of their personnel to Iran/Afghanistan. Those personnel are the Marines whose multiple deployments are over a third at 34%. I have a friend who is planning his *third* deployment as his unit is preparing for their *fourth* deployment. The armed forces are stretched uber thin and we are going through 2 Billion worth of equipment monthly in terms of wear and tear that is not getting replaced as it stacks up, worn out in depots around the country. This has been a cluster f$@% from the beginning and the only way to fix it is to stop breaking the armed forces and either pull the troops back to Northern Iraq or somehow find another 100K troops to put boots on the ground and stabilize things like we should have done from the very beginning. Remember that Shalikashvili had recommended before we even started this thing that we would need 3-4 hundred thousand troops at the very beginning and wargaming still suggested we would not be able to contain the sectarian violence.

  2. That means that while the Army is deploying 24% of its force more than once (an amazingly high number)…

    An amazingly high number?!?! Put it the other way… 76% of Army personnel have either not been to Iraq, or been there once. Given all the hooplah there is about the armed forces being ‘stretched to the limit’ etc. etc. it’s ridiculous. Or put it another way. What percentage of Army personnel have been deployed more than once to Germany, or Japan or South Korea? Let’s face is, South Korea is a quagmire. You could be using those soldiers somewhere else. Withdrawal from Korea now!!