Unreal, Indeed

I’ve just been told about a mod to the popular Unreal Tournament 2003 first-person shooter that simulates escape attempts from the burning World Trade Center towers on 9/11. It’s called 9/11 Survivor. Apparently you play the part of a worker trapped in the twin towers at the time of the attacks. Here are some of the “features” from the original design plan.

  • Can escape because user is at low level
  • Rushing through dark stairwells with cellphone == escape
  • If firemen are encountered, user is saved
  • Floor in flames – can’t escape
  • Ceiling collapses
  • Have to choose between being engulfed by flames or jumping from window
  • Cement/building dust/smoke make it difficult to breathe; no facemask causes life to deplete, so find facemask

I didn’t think shooters could reach a lower low, but human ingenuity has proven me wrong again. Thanks for the tip, KTLA.