Linkzookery – 11 Dec 2006

MO is going to try running a daily (or so) Linkzookery on an experimental basis. The hope is that this will:

  1. Keep Linkzookery items from early in the week from getting stale before they are posted on Friday.
  2. Cut down on the size of the Friday Linkzookery list, which sometimes gets a bit too large for many items to get much attention.
  3. Reduce the number of “quickie” posts which are little more than a link to something a snarky comment from Murdoc.
  4. Imitate Defense Tech’s successful “Rapid Fire” posts so Murdoc can stealthily leech off some of Noah’s traffic. He gets so many hits he won’t miss a few here and there. Just don’t tell him what I’m up to. 😡

Let me know what you think of the plan and the results. I still do plan to make the Friday edition of Linkzookery larger than the rest so that lazy workers have plenty of material for Friday afternoons.

I also want to make sure and link to more blogs more often. Over the past year or so I’ve noticed that I’m linking to my fellow bloggers less and less and linking to “news” reports and “official” releases more and more. While I intend to keep linking back to the horse’s mouth, I want to do more to note all the excellent commentary to be found on the blogosphere about the issues we care about the most.

Attention Bloggers!: Don’t be shy about letting me know about posts you’ve got up that Murdoc Online readers might be interested in. I have a limited amount of time and cannot possilby read every site that I like every single day. Often I don’t see cool stuff until days after it was posted. Speak up and let me know!

I have set up a new email address specifically for you to send me Linkzookery. It’s (get this…) Feel free to send links to your blog, other blogs, or even real, legitimate sources!


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