Linkzookery – 12 Dec 2006

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  1. What the hell kind of woman gives up her child to join the Navy? Just when you wondered if we could sink any lower.

  2. Dfens: While I would hesitate to say ‘just when you wondered if we could sink any lower’, I agree that a decision by a mother to give up rights to her daughter to join the Navy doesn’t seem to make sense. Without knowing more about the folks involved, it’s hard to say how this will affect the daughter. Who knows? Maybe it will have a net positive effect on her. But that doesn’t seem likely to me. No father or significant other for the mom is mentioned. The grandmother that now has custody of the daughter has a ‘longtime boyfriend’ that will live with them. (Actually, the article just says that the daughter is living with the grandmother’s boyfriend…I’m taking it to mean that the daughter is living with the boyfriend AND the grandmother…otherwise maybe we CAN’T sink any lower…) It’s tough enough for dads with wives who will keep the kids to decide to join up. In many cases it’s the wrong decision. I can’t see how this is the best thing to do. It sounds like a difficult situation without anyone joining the Navy at all. I’ll sure be hoping that things work out for everyone.

  3. We continue to use our military as some sort of sick social experiment. Certainly if the Navy let any woman enter its service, it should be one with the kind of character who would not abandon their child, which, of course, makes that group of women self excluding. It would be hard for me to imagine anything lower than a woman who would abadon her child, although at least this child is 13 and not an infant. I suppose that would be worse. Our society has gone to hell in a handbasket.

  4. Get a better imagination. Or read a newspaper. Or maybe just try a bit harder sometime. The day I read a story like that and say to myself ‘I just can’t imagine anything lower than that’ is a day the world has gotten much much much much much much much better.