Linkzookery – 14 Dec 2006


  1. Outlaw the AK-47, Save the World’ A simpler answer would be to ‘Outlaw Murder, Save the World’. Why isn’t murder illegal yet? It would solve everything.

  2. ‘A Mustang wagon?!?’ If they made the side-panels out of oak or cedar and added a roof rack they could sell a lot of ’em to 75-year-old California surfers.

  3. Thanks for the link. These link posts are great. A suggestion would be to allow links to possible link posts in the comments, vs. e-mailing them to you. You could just delete any inappropriate ones. Just an idea.

  4. ACE: I had mentioned in an earlier one that commenting links was A-OK. I just wanted another option out there and a quick way for folks to tip me off without visiting my site if they wanted. Either was is cool. Keep those cards and letter coming, folks!