What if there was an Iranian revolution? What if this is the Iranian revolution?

After Monday’s Uprising, Iranian Students Issue “Storm Warning”

Gateway Pundit:

After the unruly protest against Ahmadinejad on Monday, Tahkim Vahdat, the main student movement in Iran, is issuing a “storm warning” to the regime!

I’ve been told a number of times that we were wrong to go into Iraq in 2003 and “impose” freedom from the outside on a soveriegn nation, but that it would have been okay if the struggle for Iraqi freedom had been started by Iraqis in Iraq and then we went in and did the exact same things we did in 2003.

Please no discussion of whether this portrayal of what happened in 2003 is accurate or not. Just use the argument given to answer the question below:

Using that logic, wouldn’t it be okay to go into Iran in 2007 and do what we did to Iraq in 2003?

Not “could we?“. Not “would we?“. Not “should we?“.

Would it be “okay” if we went in and delivered political freedom to those who want it but cannot quite get it for themselves?


  1. I think clandestine support for the freedom movement in Iran is the way to go. An overthrow the Mullahs without U.S. fingerprints all over it would be a titanic blow to the Jihadist movement.

  2. You know, back in the ‘bad old days,’ when the CIA was a lot closer to the all powerful bogeyman a lot of leftist make it out to be, they would have been in a position to give considerable help to anyone trying to topple the mullahs. Especially given the large community of Iranian exiles we’ve got in this country-it should be a cinch. Something else to thank Smilin’ Jimmy for, I’ll bet.