Last day to vote for the Weblog Awards!

The 2006 Weblog AwardsToday is the final day of voting in the 2006 Weblog awards.

My understanding is that Murdoc Online is in a tough race for the bronze in the Best of the Top 1001 – 1750 Blogs category. I say that it’s “my understanding” because I don’t vote in contests that I’m running in, and in this case I cannot see the vote totals unless I vote.

C’mon folks! Take three seconds and vote for Murdoc. If elected, I promise to post more pictures of tanks blowing up stuff. I mean, everyone likes pictures of tanks blowing up stuff, don’t they?


  1. I’ve been voting for you, and recommending others do, but we’ll need to see more than photos of things blown up, Strykers, ships, etc. As a reward, if you win the bronze, we need photos of skimily-clad females in military uniforms holding weapons. Just kidding. Good luck, and keep up the good work!

  2. ACE: How about Janet Reno in a Bradley? If that won’t convince you to vote for someone else, I don’t know what would… KB: I think the one after bronze is going to be called ‘the Murdoc’ according to what I’m hearing from some folks who are voting for me.