“There were NO large Boeings hitting the WTC towers on 911”

Got this comment on the post with supposed pictures of 9/11 taken by a Russian small plane pilot:

Bullshit — this is only a link bait post to get clicks on the Google ads at the top. The first poster was correct — there were NO large Boeings hitting the WTC towers on 911.

To the average hypnotized TV viewer, filmed from a distance the towers appeared as only two little slim buildings that got hit by massive jets fueled with highly explosive jet fuel.

The jets were manipulated images created in a TV studio & broadcast to an angry public hundreds of times a day along with Osama Bin Forgotten. Without the slightest investigation & within only minutes of the first fake plane crash, the crime had been solved by a TV announcer & the Arab suspects announced, some of whom are still alive today.

Office fires & jet fuel CANNOT atomize 425,000 cubic yards of concrete in mid-air before it hits the ground; only explosives can.

It’s interesting that he mentions this, as Instapinch has the latest proof that planes couldn’t have destroyed the World Trade Center towers hot off the presses. With pictures. Go check it out.

Lest you think that the comment ended there, fear not. Much more, including links to “research articles”, below.

To all those beginning to emerge from the Government/TV induced fog, think about this:

If you drive a car through a brick house, the car, especially the outside rearview mirrors, will NOT create a perfect outlined hole in the bricks. Yet 911 film footage shows the impossible; fragile aluminum-skinned wingtips cutting through hardened steel & concrete as if it were only a cloud.

To the graduates from Popular Mechanics University… with all the Hollywood SFX you’ve seen over the years & given the dirty tricks and murders by U.S., Israeli & British secret agencies, is it not possible that these bastards could produce fake videos & distribute them?

DO NOT BE FOOLED – THE MEDIA WAS INVOLVED IN THE CRIME. Any TV broadcast video of planes gliding into the towers is FAKE.

The jet maybe looked real on TV, however, frame by frame examinations reveals the video’s not a real plane, showing impossible physical characteristics & behavior. It passes through the wall like a ghost w/o making a hole & w/o breaking off any parts. The hole only appears well after the plane has entirely disappeared.

It is a fake. The plane is simply a movie.

Witness evidence for a large plane hitting the south tower are as elusive as for Leprechauns.

Research Articles:
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Where do we find such people? And what can we do to make them go back?


  1. If you drive a car through a brick house, the car, especially the outside rearview mirrors, will NOT create a perfect outlined hole in the bricks.’ Idiot. If you drive a car through a brick house at 300MPH you will create a car-shaped outline and a lot of carnage on the other side. No, the rear view mirrors will not make it through, just like how the Boeing’s engines ended up on the Pentagon lawn. But the fuselage went through, since that’s the strongest part. Just like the body of your car would if you drove if fast enough. What an embezzle. What an ultra-maroon.

  2. this guy makes me so sad… Well its like trying to argue religion with a true believer, nothing you say can convince them otherwise of what they believe… no matter what you tellt his guy he has an axe to grind from before 9/11, you notice the quip about US, British and Israeli ‘bastards’? This guy is not objective and obviously has a political agenda. If you believe something is evil like the US Government from the outset of course your going to find that some how they where behiend 9/11 no matter what logic or science tells you. Its similar to holocost deniers… is it any coincidence that they are all anti-semetic racists like David Duke? When you have a predisposition to a political belief or idealogy like hating America or Israel of course your going to find their ‘evil’ everywhere and behiend every tragedy. Its very sad and we should simply ignore these crackpots, for they deserve our pity rather then our scorn.

  3. Alright, so if this guy is correct – let’s then assume this – If there were explosives used by the US government to kill 3,000 people then it shows that the government has NO qualms about mass murder of its own citizens to achieve its goals – if so, if the government were THAT ruthless – why haven’t they killed this guy to keep the ‘truth’ from coming out? (adapted from The Best Page in the Universe Maddox)

  4. Let us not forget that the ‘live’ video from every news organization in NYC was faked, with ALL the talking heads/engineers/etc. being in on it, with NONE of them talking. And of course it was so the ‘conservative-leaning'(if you can say that without choking) major media could help Bush McChimplerBurton declare war on muslims to make money for his friends. The level of idiocy/hatred/? required to believe this is hard to imagine.