Mercedes on Earth, goodwill to Men?

Last night we drove past a house with a huge peace symbol made out of Christmas lights on the side. It appeared to have been positioned for maximum visibility from the highway, M-6 south of Grand Rapids in this case. It was a huge, bright beacon for peace.

Except that it appeared to be missing the “middle” leg, creating a Mercedes logo rather than a peace sign. I found that fairly humorous. I’ve seen that error from time to time on hand-drawn signs at anti-war protests and such, but to see it in bright lights ten feet (at least) in diameter was particularly amusing.

I went back tonight to get a picture, but it was either turned off or I was looking in the wrong spot. Maybe someone tipped them off to their mistake. Or maybe it was a faulty string of lights that was to blame, not ignorance, and they’re waiting until they can replace it. Anyway, I’ll keep trying to get a snapshot. MO readers deserve to know.


  1. Comrades, I’ve always found it interesting how close the Mercedes logo is to the Division sign of the 27th SS Panzergrenadier Division. See here: The original symbol had a broken ring because it was designed as a stencil, and the device just stuck that way, making it onto official patches, etc. However, if you complete the circle it’s the same symbol as currently used. I chuckle when I see the moonbats using it as a peace symbol. Maybe they are all just being sent subliminal messages by Hitler’s brain from his secret Antartic bunker? Anyway, check it out. Respects,