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The results are official at the 2006 Weblog Awards, and Murdoc Online finished in fourth place in its division. MO pulled in a respectable 12.34% of the vote, and the category winner Boots and Sabers is definitely a top-notch operation, so no bitterness here. (Well, not much.)

Much thanks to all who nominated and voted for Murdoc over the past couple of weeks. Truly, just getting nominated is an honor, and making the finals was icing. Though I joke about it, I am thrilled that enough folks like MO to consider it among the best blogs around and I cannot tell you how much that means.

So, as a thank-you, here’s a cool picture:

A Copperhead laser-guided anti-tank missile fired from a towed M-198 155mm howitzer explodes on a target tank. Location: WHITE SANDS MISSILE TEST RANGE, NEW MEXICO (NM) UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA) Camera Operator: TOM MOORE Date Shot: 27 Feb 1984

MO readers seem to love stuff that goes boom.

UPDATE: Oh, what the Hades. Here’s another one:

Extended-Range Anti-armor Munition (ERAM) warhead fires self-forging fragment into an M-48 full-tracked combat tank target during a validation demonstration test. Location: OTIS AIR NATIONAL GUARD BASE, MASSACHUSETTS (MA) UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA)
Camera Operator: AFSC Date Shot: 1 Jan 1981


  1. JD: Looks like they’re both going to be scrap metal in about 0.05 seconds… Back in the early 80s when these sorts of pics were just surfacing, it was major WOW! factor. Now its nothing real special.

  2. The Air Teams in the Marines trained to use Copperheads to kill tanks. Back then, the Air Teams had the requisite laser designator while the Arty Forward Observes did not. Not if they do now. None of the Army FO’s I’ve met have the equipment to use Copperheads. Too bad – it’s a nasty armor killer. One shot – one kill with 155mm Arty! The OV-10’s Murdoc posted about a few days ago could be used to call in Copperheads.

  3. The second picture looks like it is a ‘hand of God’ picture from a painting. What munition is it that produces this?

  4. Second picture target vehicle is an M47 I believe, first picture is an M48 (yes, yes, I have nothing better to do this morning 🙂