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saudi_question.jpgSixth Month in Prison for Fatima and Child

Arab News:

Fatima, the 34-year-old woman who was divorced in absentia against her will from her husband by a judge at the request of her half-brothers, has entered her sixth month of incarceration at a prison in Dammam.

Jay Tea at Wizbang notes this heart-warming story from our friends the Saudis and summarizes:

A certain woman’s family changed their minds about approving of her marriage, so they got a judge to divorce the couple. Not only was neither husband or wife present, they were not even notified of the procedings.

When the couple was informed that they were no longer married, they were also told that they were no longer allowed to communicate freely, as a single man is forbidden to have unsupervised contact with an unmarried woman who is not his relative. They now see each other once a week, for 15 minutes, under strict supervision, so the children can see both parents.

The woman was informed that since she was no longer the legal ward of her husband, she had to return to the guardianship of her own family, as single women have no legal, independent standing.

Since she did not wish to return to the family that had dissolved her marriage without her knowledge, she was placed in prison.

Initially, her two children were locked up with her, but prison officials forced her now ex-husband to take custody of the elder.

I’m more of a fan of tolerating diversity rather than embracing it. But sometimes I won’t even try to tolerate it. Some things are wrong, no matter where it’s written that they’re right.

And Jay adds

And if you really want to entertain yourself, wait for one of the countless human rights groups or other activists to mention this case.


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