The Star Wars Holiday Special

Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. And hate…to suffering.

For example, here is some suffering:

No reward is worth this.


  1. THE PAIN, THE PAIN….my eyes. I had heard that starwars special was bad, but nothing prepared me for this. If Al qaeda stated the reason they hated America was this special, I would have a hard time not joining them. You are an evil man Murdoc.

  2. I was 9 when that first aired, but I remember thinking how awful it was. For a 9-year-old to recognize that something Star Wars was bad, it had to be really bad.

  3. Harley: That is exactly what I said. I think it’s likely the absolute worst piece of television ever produced. You know, in the movies, when they have some super-bad piece of crap as an example of the stupidest thing imaginable? This seems worse.

  4. Art Carney? Jefferson Starship? Wookies in red robes? (Saves on costuming costs, I would imagine) This hurts. I can’t wait to show my kids!!!