Friday Linkzookery – 29 Dec 2006

The Daisy V/L caseless .22
In the 1960s, the popular BB gun maker sold 25,000 of these things, but discontinued after it was ruled a firearm. What made them think it wouldn’t be considered a firearm?

Cold War haunts Arctic outpost
The curious story of the island of Spitsbergen, in Norway’s Svalbard archipelago.

Model maker solves mystery of USS Arizona
Modeler’s research reveals that ship was painted blue, not gray, and the tops of thee of her four turrets were painted red for identification from the air.

Pain Beam Not Easily Foiled
Tinfoil will not protect you from the Active Denial System’s rays of pain. And if you try to deflect the beams from a Marine-protected convoy? The Marines will kill you. Tinfoil does not deflect 5.56, either.

France’s Future SSNs: The Barracuda Class
France will build six nuclear-powered Barracuda-class attack submarines between 2016-2027.

Noah’s 50 Favorite Posts of 2006
A load of top-notch Defense Tech goodness. Click away.

Middle School Girls Gone Wild
“This was an official function at a public school, a milieu that in another time or universe might have seen children singing folk ballads, say, or reciting the Gettysburg Address.”

The Case Against Soda
New Year’s resolution to lose some weight? How about a resolution to stop drinking crap all the time?


  1. I’d like to see some actual objective proof that aluminum foil does not stop the 5.56 bullet, thankyou very much.