More on Ford

Well, the pendulum seems to have swung, and instead of hearing about how Ford guided us through tough times and how he was a model ex-President and how his loss will be felt everywhere, we’re hearing about how he was against the war in Iraq and how his friendship with Richard Nixon influenced his decision to pardon him.

Maybe, if we’re lucky, the media’s frenzy to make political points will die down in time for the funeral. Doesn’t seem likely, though.

Anyway, here are a couple of interesting stories:

How Lieutenant Ford Saved His Ship: More information about Ford’s close call during the typhoon of December 1944 while serving aboard the USS Monterey.

Gerald R. Ford Played Basketball With My Uncle Bill: Jim Dunnigan of Strategy Page writes how his uncle played hoops against Ford in the elevator well of the Monterey. Maybe he’s in the picture I posted on Wednesday?

And some additonal Ford pictures, including a couple from during his Navy career.


  1. A little trivia, probably only of interest to GT and maybe Mich. fans: In the only football game ever between GT and Michigan, G. Ford played center. Michigan won 9-2. That was the only game they won that year, despite winning back-to-back Natl. Championships to two previous years.

  2. As I understand it, Ford was against using WMD’s as the case against Saddam, but felt that the war was justified on humanitarian grounds. In that sense the pendulum hasn’t swung, as the left sees any support for OIF to be on a level with the holocaust, quite unlike say taking sides in a race war in the oil rich Sudan…which would be wise…. Not that I’m ….bitter…. Anyone who said that their knowing somebody hadn’t in some way been a consideration (even if ignored) their decision is a liar or a sociopath IMHO. Of course the denial of their vengance is an affront the left can never forgive. I think Ford was quite underrated, he was given an impossible hand and played it about as well as possible. Just my 2 cents.