12:35 23 Jul 2003

According to an Energy Daily report, workers at Los Alamos National Laboratory have been contaminated with radioactive material at least 21 times in recent months, DefenseTech says. That’s bad. But here’s the solution: Instead of investigating and correcting the situation, the “personal commitment” of Lab director Pete Nanos “to the implementation of comprehensive corrective actions” is good enough.

I work for an automotive supplier, and let me tell you that if even the slightest problem crops up with parts going to one of the car manufacturers, a whole round of root cause investigations, problem solving, and written corrective action reports is kicked off with an expected final resolution that will make the problem IMPOSSIBLE in the future. And holding individuals personally responsible, whether for the problem or for the solution, is not allowed. The PROCESS needs to fixed, not the people. If that’s what happens for a rearview mirror, wouldn’t you expect NUCLEAR MATERIAL would get even more scrutiny? Or is it just me?

I googled (yes, I think “google” has become a verb) and this is the first 8D page I looked at. And DefenseTech has the best Los Alamos coverage out there.