12:24 23 Jul 2003

Reuters covered the Jessica Lynch homecoming:

PALESTINE, W.Va. (Reuters) – Jessica Lynch, the wounded Army private whose ordeal in Iraq was hyped into a media fiction of U.S. heroism, was set for an emotional homecoming on Tuesday in a rural West Virginia community bristling with flags, yellow ribbons and TV news trucks.

But when the 20-year-old supply clerk arrives by Blackhawk helicopter to the embrace of family and friends, media critics say the TV cameras will not show the return of an injured soldier so much as a reality-TV drama co-produced by U.S. government propaganda and credulous reporters.

“It no longer matters in America whether something is true or false. The population has been conditioned to accept anything: sentimental stories, lies, atomic bomb threats,” said John MacArthur, the publisher of Harper’s magazine.

Now, I’ve been critical of both the government and the media for their sensationalizing the Jessica Lynch story, but this is pure venom. It sounds to me like someone who’s tired of being wrong all the time. Just plain bitter, if you ask me.