Murdoc headed to the 2007 SHOT Show

Next week I’ll be headed down to Orlando for the 2007 SHOT Show. The SHOT (Shooting, Hunting, Outdoor Trade) Show is the largest trade show dedicated to hunting and shooting sports. They’ve also got a growing military, law enforcement, and tactical weapons section.

Guess where Murdoc will be spending most of his time?

I’ll be there covering the show as part of the Shooting Sports Retailer magazine team, and as such I will be saving much of the juiciest news for the magazine’s show coverage. But fear not, MO readers. I’ll also be tossing you guys a bone every now and again, as well.

Are any MO readers going to be attending this year’s SHOT Show? If so, and you’d like to chat a bit, drop me a line.


  1. Is there any outreach to young people? I can’t imagine anything more important for our country’s future than hunting and shooting skills. This occurred to me reading OPFOR’s story about little neighborhood boys doing patrols and assaulting ambushes in their suburban back yards like we used to play cowboys and indians.

  2. Jordan: There isn’t really anything along the lines of what it sounds like you’re talking about at the SHOT Show itself. The show is a trade show for those in the business (manufacturers, retailers, etc.) and is not open to the general public, so specific kid-targeted stuff would be out of place. The National Shooting Sports Foundation, the primary mover and shaker behind the SHOT Show, though, does youth outreach-type stuff. I agree that it’s important to keep kids involved in this stuff.