Murdoc the Moderate

I’m obviously not posting enough nutjobbery, as Sonia Smith at Slate describes me as “moderate”.

Now, I’ll grant that I’m far more moderate/centrist/maverick than your typical Right Winger. (I think it has a lot to do with Republican politicians sucking so badly.) But, though I don’t always toe the Party Line, I truly do consider myself a Conservative as the term is generally used these days.

I hope I don’t have to turn in my Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy membership card…


  1. It’s a lot easier to be conservative nowadays and not be a fan of the Republican party. But it’s not like we have a reasonable alternative :(.

  2. Maybe ‘moderate’ means you think for yourself. That’s the good feature I continue to come back for.


  4. Dfens: Well, that’s a very nice compliment. Thanks! Ken: It’s not that I particularly like the VRWC, it’s just that the 10% discount on all all flavors of Kool-Aid would be hard to give up. Oh, and I get a free small order of freedom fries with every burger at Wendy’s…

  5. In today’s context, I would take the title of ‘moderate’ as high praise. It means you have the capability of rational thought not typecast into some preset mold. For example Cindy Shea has the leftwing nutjob label down cold and Pat Robertson owns the rightwing nutjob label. Personally I yearn for a political party not dominated by nutjobs. Maybe a party whose goal is to have limited government that is transparent, accountable, not trying to tell me what to believe and how to believe it.

  6. Come on Murdoc, you can do better than that. I think you deserve to at least be considered ‘extremely moderate’. After all, if you’re going to do something, you might as well do it well!

  7. As soon as you get that $75.00 money order to me…………….I’ll get that extreme right wing membership card to you! LOL! Now raise your RIGHT hand and repeat after me. 🙂

  8. Hey Mr. Moderate, what do you think about the AC-130’s little light show in Somalia? I like this part of the article: Witnesses said at least four civilians were killed in another attack 30 miles east of Afmadow town, including a small boy. The claims could not be independently verified. ‘My 4-year-old boy was killed in the strike,’ Mohamed Mahmud Burale told the AP by telephone. ‘We also heard 14 massive explosions.’ ‘We don’t know how many people were killed in the attack but we understand there were a lot of casualties,’ government spokesman Abdirahman Dinari said. ‘Most were Islamic fighters.’ U.S. officials said after the Sept. 11 attacks that extremists with ties to al Qaeda operated a training camp at Ras Kamboni and al Qaeda members are believed to have visited it. Yeah, let me see if I can squeeze out a little drop of give-a-damn for these bastards who aid and support terrorists. Nope. Nothing. But I sure love those AC-130 gunships. Talk about laying down some fire. Those babies kick ass.

  9. Nicholas: Call me ‘fanatically moderate’. Dfens: I’ve been remiss by not really commenting on the Somalia thing. Nice to see an AC-130 fighting the good fight. Also, the Eisenhower group is moving into the area. I think this could be fairly significant, long-term. It’s at least nice to see us put our money where our mouth is once in a while.