Divine retribution delivered via US military

Sometimes lightining bolts from heaven take non-traditional forms:

Al-Qaida militant who planned the 1998 U.S. embassy bombings in east Africa killed in an American airstrike in Somalia

According to the report, he was holed up on the island of Badmadow off the coast of Somalia and was attacked by US helicopters. US attack helicopters have conducted several raids in Somalia in the past couple of days.

Whose helicopters are these? Marine Super Cobras off of the Eisenhower? According to a DoD release, the Eisenhower group moved into the area to help seal it off. Army choppers from Combined Joint Task Force — Horn of Africa? Maybe a Marine ‘phib in the area?

Whoever they were…well done!

UPDATE: It’s about at this point that I usually mention something about not wanting to celebrate the death of a fellow man, etc., etc., etc. It’s also about at this point that I find myself celebrating anyway. Sometimes you just can’t help yourself.