Troop Surge

I’m not 100% certain that the supposed move to deploy an additional 21,500 US troops to Iraq is the best move, but it will work if

A) They are there to play offense
B) The Iraqi Army also plays a lot of offense

If we’re sending more troops to play peacekeeper, it’s a bad move that will merely put more of our men and women in the cross-hairs.

However, if we’re sending these troops to take the fight to the insurgents and anti-government militias, 21,000 could do the trick. 17,000 are headed to the Baghdad area, which will be good as long as the mission and rules of engagement are designed to smash, kill, and destroy. We’ll need the Iraqi Army to step it up a notch, but I think they’ve reached the point where they can do just that.

4,000 of the additional troops are headed to the An Anbar province. If that means Fallujah or Ramadi, that’s good. If they’re going to be spread all over the huge province, that’s idiocy.

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  1. So far of the IA 5 Bdes that the GoI has announced is going to Baghdad (1-1 matching/partnering): 1-2 from Irbil 4-2 from Dahok 3-4 from Sulmaniyah 4-1 from East Anbar and??? Probably 3-8 from Wasit