Yes, it’s the USS Gerald R Ford

It’s official: Navy Names Newest Carrier After President Ford

Of course, we’ve known this for weeks and suspected it for months, so this announcement isn’t really news:

With flags around the nation still at half staff in memory of the late President Gerald R. Ford, Vice President Richard B. Cheney called today’s naming of the Navy’s newest aircraft carrier in Ford’s honor an even more fitting tribute because it looks to the future.

Speaking today at the Pentagon naming ceremony for the ship, Cheney joined Navy Secretary Donald C. Winter and other officials and servicemembers in naming the first of the new CVN-21 class of aircraft carrier the USS Gerald R. Ford.

The new class will replace the USS Enterprise and CVN-68 class carriers.

All the talk I’ve seen indicates that this is a new class of ships, but a reader commented that this is really a one-off, like CVN 65 USS Enterprise, and that the follow-on ships will not be true sisters to the Ford but a new class unto themselves.

Actually, as the Ford will be, more or less, a “souped-up” advanced Nimitz ship, the idea that it’s an interim design would make sense. At one time, in fact, I think that was the announced plan. But I haven’t heard anything official along those lines in quite some time.

Does anyone know for sure?


  1. Murdoc: Best I can tell from, USS Ford CVN-78 is the first CVN-21 class, while the USS George HW Bush is the interim design you mention, and the last Nimitz.

  2. Actually, given that President Ford himself was something of an anomaly-the only President never to be elected as either Pres or VP-having a one-off carrier named after him would be quite appropriate.