Easier way to the final frontier

I’ve not been posting much about space lately, which is sort of a bummer because it’s a subject that I’m very interested in and enjoy discussing. If the public support is there, I’ll have to ramp up my space blogging a bit. Even if I have to reinvent the Saturn V to do it.

In the meantime, check out Buckethead over at the Ministry of Minor Perfidy. He’s talking about ways to get back to the above and beyond without needing Saturn Vs: Rockets are wrong. He’s talking space elevators and Murdoc loves space elevators. (Well, I love Saturn Vs, too, but you know what I mean…)

What makes the post even better is that he’s got a Q&A with Brian Dunbar of Liftport. Liftport is a leading company in the private effort to construct space elevators, and they’ve had some good early success so far. You may recall Mr. Dunbar’s comments on a post from last August (To 500 Feet…And Beyond!) and the follow-up. Also, Mr. Dunbar stops by once in a while and weighs in on other subjects, as well, and always has a valuable two cents to add.

So Murdoc suggests you head on over to the Ministry and check it out. Good stuff.


  1. Brian: LOL. I usually try to use someone’s full name or last name in the main body of a post. Unless it’s a sort of endearing nickname, like ‘Peanut Farmer Jimmy’ or ‘Andy Looney’. Usually, folks are glad that I don’t use endearing nicknames very often. Not sure why.