High Powered Assault Rifles

Assault rifles escalate violence

Noticed this:

The beginning of the U.S. supply chain, federally licensed importers such as Century International sell guns to licensed dealers, from whom the guns might be stolen or bought and illegally resold, authorities said.

In August, one of thousands of guns the company has imported and shipped to dealers nationwide was found in the Boynton Beach apartment of a felon and reputed gang member, 25-year-old Frisner St. Cyr.

Citing an open investigation, detectives wouldn’t share information about how the semiautomatic rifle wound up in St. Cyr’s hands. Federal law bars the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives from publicly sharing gun trace information, a spokeswoman said.

St. Cyr, convicted of felony battery in 2002 and a reputed member of the B-Town Boys gang, was shot in the back outside a suburban Boca Raton nightclub in February.

Got that? Someone who was shot in the back owned an “assault rifle”, in this case a Romanian WASR-10 semi-automatic AK-47 clone. And left it in his apartment while he was shot in the back.

Call me an idiot, but I can’t quite work out how this implies “assault rifles” need to be regulated more.

What Murdoc can’t figure out is, if people killing people with “assault rifles” is the problem, why not just make murder illegal? On the other hand, when they finally went and made drugs illegal the availability of drugs declined drastically. Today, you couldn’t find illegal drugs if you tried. So it’s hard to know what to do.

{Yes, folks, sarcasm…}

Anyway, the article notes that Palm Beach County enacted a major assault weapons ban:

“The assault weapon ban is an incredible tool used by gang investigators in California,” said Staysa, who heads his agency’s gang unit and is a court-certified assault weapons expert.

Fewer assault rifles means less risk for innocent bystanders, Staysa said.

“Beforehand, it was more common to see multiple rounds fired into houses,” he said. “We’re still seeing assault rifle assaults, but they’re not nearly as common.”

Even so, the sheriff’s office said, violent crime rose dramatically in Alameda County last year, especially in the county seat, Oakland.

People there are still shooting each other, Staysa said. They’re just using less-powerful guns.

Hmmm. This makes it sound like these “assault rifles” can fire more shots and are more powerful than other rifles. This isn’t true, of course, which means that someone is lying.

And I particularly like how violent crime rose “dramatically” in Alameda County, but it’s apparently okay, since criminals are using other rifles that aren’t as powerful as “assault rifles”. (Remember, these “assault rifles” are usually less powerful than other rifles. That’s a fact. Again, someone is lying to you.)

Getting shot and killed with a hunting rifle or handgun is much better than getting shot and killed by a scary-looking “assault rifle”.


  1. This just in, many murder victims were found to have ingested water in the hours before they were killed. Let’s ban water! It has a high association with violent crime. *sigh*

  2. ‘Florida could and should enact a meaningful assault weapons ban, the kind of thing that dramatically affects gangs and drug dealers who want to get assault weapons but has no meaningful effect on the average gun owner,’ said Zach Ragbourn, spokesman for the national Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence. You mean more laws against murder, assault with a deadly weapon, use of a firearm in the commission of a felony, that sort of thing? Right. Moron. ‘Alameda County, Calif., sheriff’s Sgt. Colby Staysa said California’s assault weapon laws have reduced the number of high-powered rifles on the streets of his county…Even so, the sheriff’s office said, violent crime rose dramatically in Alameda County last year, especially in the county seat, Oakland.’ So basically the assault weapon ban has absolutely no effect on violent crime. Hmmm…I would have never thought that…

  3. I have a bew idea on how to solve this problem! Let’s pass laws to ban convicted felons from legaly purchasing and owning assault weapons! If a law like that was in place, this tradegy would never have happened and poor St. Cyr would still be with us.

  4. Ok since I live about 25 miles from the ‘combat zone’. (Oakland/Richmond) Last year there was about 150 or so killed. I can say that the police we feeling a tad bitter about some gang member playing sniper with an AK-47 on them. That said, weapons are abundant. If Russia ever invades, they better stay out of Oakland. The crime rate (murder rate) is sky high because the LA gangs are trying to move in on the Oakland gangs territory. The police seem to be focused on keeping the violence out of retail and affluent areas. That said, its much better then it used to be. Tales around the campfire say around 20 years ago – police used to pool their money and buy crack houses, find a particularly vicious thug, drag them into your ‘house’ and kill them in self defense.

  5. I worked in the Mich Dept. of Corrections for 26 years. I can’t count the times I heard cons laughing about………….well, laws in general. If laws worked in preventing crime…….would there be any unlawful acts at all? All laws do is provide a legal framework for establishing the limits in society and an orderly process for prosecuting violators, after the fact. I agree with the poster who said, ‘MORONS!’

  6. Yup, morons it is. If you look at Switzerland, they have a lower crime rate percapita than most places in the world. And they let thier civves, as part of their defense force or militia, own FULLY AUTOMATIC ASSAULT RIFLES (not civilian, semiautomatic AR LOOKING rifles). Would you break into someone’s home knowing they might be armed with a full auto ‘poodle shooter?’ A friend of mine earned the name ‘Crazy Gringo’ cause every gang banger in the neighborhood knew that he would return fire if they did a drive by on his street. Funny, even with a KNOWN drug house across the street and cars with bullet holes driving up to said house, there was NEVER a drive by on that street. Funny how fear of rightious retaliation reduces violent crime.

  7. Yeah, someone who is hit with a round out of a hunting rifle chambered for a .300 Winchester Magnum is going to be just peachy compaired to a poor unfortunate who’s been peppered with .22s from an AR-15. I agree with the MORONS comment. I know liberalism is Darwinistically self defeating, but why do they feel the need to take the rest of us down with them?