Berlin Airlift Reimagined?

This is the DirecTV info blurb for the PBS American Experience episode on the The Berlin Airlift:

The United States initiated a massive airlift of supplies to Berlin in 1948, causing a hostile relationship between the US and the Soviet Union.

The US “initiated”? And “caused”?


For the record, what I’ve seen of American Experience has been generally positive and the web sites with additional info and teaching guides are pretty good. This is probably just a DirecTV bit written by an ignoramus.

Also for the record, my great aunt received a medal (I think from the government of West Germany) for her service during the airlift. Murdoc really should find out more about that. I didn’t learn of it until after her death.


  1. initiated’? And ’caused’? Well, ‘initiated’ might work…SOMEBODY had to crank up the Goony Birds. ’caused?’- a government education gone terribly wrong!

  2. KB: No, on my dad’s side. His aunt Katherine D. All: I watched the show with my family tonight at dinner. Excellent. It certainly seemed to be a good, even-handed look at things as far as I could tell. Sometimes things make my heart nearly burst with pride. The story of the Berlin Airlift is certainly one of those things.