William Arkin is Bill Arkin

All day yesterday I kept thinking that I had mentioned William Arkin, he of The Troops Also Need to Support the American People fame, but somehow I overlooked the fact that he’s the one who wrote the book that revealed 3,000 military and intel code names, many of them TOP SECRET, in 2005.

Mr. Arkin’s comment on revealing this information?

“I don’t have one bit of concern”

My comment at the time?

This man is a fool. The book publisher is a fool. The book sellers are fools.

Also, someone noted in the comments section of a recent post about military plans that Arkin believes that there are only about “70” military plans on file.

The military doesn’t have only 70 of anything. They buy things in bulk.

This guy is obviously a buffoon, folks.


  1. I said my piece here. I say we bring them back home. F the liberals. I say we stop the NSA wire taps and let the prisoners go free. In fact, I think we should give each and every prisoner in Guantanamo a free ticket to Washington DC, and pay them reparations for their time in jail, which was (to the idiot liberals) a clear violation of their civil rights. The money will come in handy for what the psychos confined there have in mind.

  2. Dfens: Actually, I’m hoping to comment today on these columns by this Arkin guy as they relate to that discussion, particularly your position. I don’t really agree with you on what should be done about losers like this, though I think we have the same opinion about the losers in question. I don’t think not supporting the troops (or ‘supporting’ them in the manner of Arkin and his ilk) is treasonous or worthy of deportation. I suspect that his book might cross the line, however, and as that’s a material act against the US, my opnion would be quite different than it would be if the guy was just some hippie spouting stupid stuff.

  3. They’re not just losers, they are traitors. We have laws regarding what to do with them. Those laws should be enforced. I know they would be if I were to lose a classified document. Somehow I don’t see these scum as being so much more valuable than me that they can break the law and not answer for what they’ve done.

  4. Everybody needs to be able to speak their mind – we just need to make it clear that there are consequences for what you say, and I don’t mean deportation. If this pisses us right off, I’d say a good thing to do is let the Washington Post know we don’t appreciate them publishing dumbasses. Its like that thing with the Dixie Chicks awhile back – they got to speak their mind, the American people who still believed in their country got to send their careers down the tubes. The realization of consequences is often more than enough to quiet the ignorant and childish- particularly those of the especially pathetic species of Mr. Arkin. If not, most of the time we can at least drown out their voices.

  5. And btw, when I was in, I spent my whole time on a planning staff. Yes it was a low level tactical position, but we had plans, baby. I think we had 4 or 5 different plans for getting tacks and heavy wheels just to the railhead, for starters; never mind maneuver plans. And things got really woolly once higher commands were involved. But even on the face of it, the idea that the military owns 70 contingencies is flat out stupid. What the effing eff does he think all those hundreds of field grade officers are doing at the Pentagon day in and day out? I mean, besides pouring coffee for general officers…

  6. GL: I certainly didn’t remember any specifics about William Arkin by name, but I thought I had mentioned him at some point or another. I searched my site on William Arkin and got squat, so I thought I was imagining it. LOL on the coffee.

  7. ‘This man is a fool. The book publisher is a fool. The book sellers are fools.’ Jeez Murdoc. For a minute I thought you were referring to O.J. SIMPSON! Cept, ole O.J. is nobody’s fool.