Barkin’ Arkin

I have a feeling that this William Arkin jackassery isn’t going to blow over any time soon. I have some more thoughts on it, including responses to his responses, which I will post over the weekend.

Meanwhile, Don Surber has this to say:

After writing off all his critics as –arrogant and intolerant” on Thursday, Arkin still didn’t get it today:

In the 30 years that we’ve had an all-volunteer force, this is the first war we’ve had where the justness of the cause is questionable and where we are losing and still could –lose.”

Really? Grenada was not questioned? Panama was not questioned? The Gulf War wasn’t questioned even though the vote in the Senate was 52-47?

Arkin is a media bubble boy. He does not realize how wrong he was for dumping on a soldier in Iraq who dared — when asked directly — say, hey, you protesters are not helpful.

I was going to mention Lebanon 1983 and Somalia 1993 in response to this, as they both tie much more directly to the Long Global War on Terror (World War 4), but these examples are perfectly good ones. And the close vote regarding the first action against Iraq (you know, the one that everyone today agrees was justified) is an important point. (via Instapundit, who apparently was for Arkin before he was against him)

UPDATE: I still don’t understand why no one has even mentioned that Arkin published the book that revealed 3,000 military and intel code names, some of them classified Top Secret.

If this is “supporting the troops”, please stop immediately.


  1. Holy snikes, Murdoc! This guy is such a moron, he’s beyond the pale! LOL! It’s just totally flabbergasting anyone, who’d made it through sixth grade, would make such ludicrous idiotic statements. You’ve covered the response bases pretty well, so I’m not going to beat them further…………I’ll only add this guy’s comments are so preposterous they’re on par with jumping up and announcing the sun rises in the west. Sit the BLEEP down you schmuck! Good grief!