Boston Bomb Scare

While I think the “marketing campaign” for Cartoon Network’s “Aqua Teen Hunger Force” was pretty dumb, I’m wondering why only Boston when totally ape over it. At first I thought it was a less-than-wise ad campaign compounded by a nearly-moronic Boston over-reaction which would be used to justify all sorts of lawsuits and settlements.

Then I watched the beyond-moronic press conference by Peter Berdovsky and Sean Stevens:

These guys are idiots. What they did could be (and, in Boston, was) taken the same way as shouting “FIRE!” in a crowded theater would be taken. Now, I think Boston probably over-reacted, but it’s not tough to see how that could happen.

Given what did happen, I would think these guys would, at least, be giving a “we’re sorry if anyone was scared”-type non-apology. But this hair-cut thing is stupid. Maybe when they grow up they’ll figure that out.

Meanwhile, Turner, 2nd firm, to pay Boston $2M over scare and everyone everywhere knows all about Cartoon Network’s “Aqua Teen Hunger Force”.


  1. Yes Murdoc, because Al Qaeda is going to put neon signs on their bombs… give me a break. This is ridiculous. Boston overreacted and these guys basically told the media to shove it. Besides, their press conference about 1970s hair-styles was one of the most entertaining I’ve ever seen. People who thought these signs were bombs were a bunch of fools.

  2. Yes, as I said Boston acted pretty badly. And, yes, the entertainment value of the press conference is quite high. But they should have said ‘no comment’. You don’t prove someone is an idiot by being a bigger idiot.

  3. Comrades, Well, as someone who lives up hear there, I don’t think that Boston over-reacted one whit. These two maroons deserve a hefty fine and some nice prison time. I hope they proscecuted under US anti-terrorism laws. Peter Berdovsky, however, is about to realise just how big of an ass he made of himself. He’s here under a visa. He’s a foreign national and will be deported once he gets out of prison, and won’t be allowed back in. Too bad we can’t send Ted Turner along to keep him company. These guys are jackasses, and anyone who sides with them is a tool. Respects,

  4. The ‘overreaction’ by the Boston emergency services was completely reasonable and appropriate. Would you rather they ‘underreact’ the day some nut plants a bomb? A couple details which have come out since that day: At least one device which was actually designed to look like a pipe-bomb was found in Boston during this whole episode (it looks to be unrelated, but the police didn’t know that at the time), Boston officials had been forwarded info from Federal Homeland security that suspect devices had been found in Washington and New York (also apparently unrelated, but again the police didn’t know that). Add to that the fact that these devices had batteries, wires and were attached to structural members of bridges at locations where a bomb would do major damage to both the overpass, the road passing under and in at least 2 instances subway stations as well. Yes, it is unlikely that a bomb would have a cartoon character in ‘lite-brites’ on the front, but would you rather they just laughed it off like so many seem to be suggesting? BTW, what do you think any bombs planted by hypothetical future terrorists might look like, now that Boston has been so castigated for ‘over-reacting’?

  5. This is a strange situation. On the one hand, I can see why the city reacted as it did- when you combine all the unrelated facts, it does look a bit sinister. Still, I don’t know if hanging these poor dumb guys is the answer. Yes, this is stupid, and their remarks to the press were hilario… I mean, immature and unwise. At the end of the day, though, they were two guys participating in a marketing campaign that most people probably would not expect to turn into a costly bomb scare. Furthermore, they were being paid by a major corporation to do it. Time Warner did the right thing and paid up. Call it quits, these guys aren’t terrorists, don’t prosecute them like they are.

  6. With the benefit of hindsight, this was ‘over-reaction’, i.e., they reacted as if the devices were bombs when they weren’t. Obviously, that’s easy to say now. I will usually give a lot of leeway to authorities when they’re reacting to what could easily be taken as threats of one sort or another, and this is exactly what happened here. As I noted, this is very much like shouting ‘FIRE!’ in a crowded theater and you cannot blame people if they start running for the exit. I haven’t followed the story closely enough to see where, if anywhere, in the chain of progression this could have been recognized for what it was and the order to ‘stand down’ could have been issued. For all I know, there was no likely spot until the reaction took on a life of its own, as these things tend to do. Regardless of whether Boston wrongly over-reacted or not, these guys are morons for acting like they did. Even if they are in the right and Boston is completely in the wrong (which I don’t believe to be the case) they should recognize that pranks like this can easily go horribly wrong and own up to it. My initial feeling was that these guys were going to be unfairly vilified, but after seeing their ‘statements’ I think it’s clear that they’re idiots (regardless of whether Boston is also idiotic or not) and I will probably have little if any sympathy for them no matter how big the book is that’s thrown at them.

  7. Ummm… Again: Why would Al Qaeda or any terrorist organization place giant signs on their bombs? ‘HEY! Lets blow up America with some bombs that everyone can see! We’ll put them up at night where everyone can see them for a few days. Then we blow them up! Genius!’ Please. Our counter-terrorist organizations are a joke. Carrying out a terrorist attack in this country is still so easy, a caveman can do it… and they do live in caves in Afghanistan. I’d also like to see which laws were actually broken over this too. Because I see people putting up signs all over NYC in all these different places, yet no one arrests them. And these are simply signs which glow. This whole thing is an overreaction.

  8. Again: Why would Al Qaeda or any terrorist organization place giant signs on their bombs?’ Because if they do, people will think they aren’t bombs, and not bother to investigate them? Duh. It’s rule #1 – when you’re trying to hide something, hide it in plain sight.

  9. Our counter-terrorist organizations are a joke.’ Well of course…but then again I don’t have to outrun the bear, I just have to outrun you… The biggest defense we have is all around us. The shear complexity of everyday life often boggles and confuses Americans let alone someone fresh from the caves.

  10. I grew up in MA and lived in Boston in my younger days. I love the city but will never live anywhere near there again for many reasons. How many cardboard boxes, trashcans, dumpsters, etc… did the police pass by in order to blow up litebrite signs? After the first one was a dud, why keep blowing them up? Why didn’t they notice the signs for a week before going bonkers over them? Why did the same promotion go off without a scare in 9 other cities? The answer to all these questions is that Boston, unfortunately, is run by corrupt, incompetent fools.

  11. Shipmates, Hey, it looks like these guys were even more numb than was at first figured. Turns out that the Boston MTA security cameras caught these two nitwits FILMING the police response to their handiwork. Yup, there they are, dreads and all, with camera in hand and trying to get as close as possible to what’s going on. To say that they didn’t know what would happen is now rediculous, ptherwise how did they know where to be and when? Their lawyer is, of course, claiming they are ‘street artists’ and their filming was coincidental. Yeah. Sure. The Boston Herald has a good article about the filming bit this morning. On the radio, it was said that the AG, in light of these new developments, is reconsidering her initially lenient plea deal with the mooks. Regardless, they can talk about haircuts all they want to, but when they go to jail, they’ll be given new ones, free of charge. I look forward to their news conference upon their release. Respects,

  12. If they were involved in reporting these things to the police (not that I’ve heard they were) – then yes, they are in big trouble. Hanging signs around town – nope. Might get a littering fine.

  13. they made a big fuss, and now they are trying to take the heat off themselves by turning the attention on the dumbasses that put the signs up. I want to know why Turner didn’t call and inform the athorties till a few hours after the beginning of the incident began that it was just a marketing thing. They were reporting on the ‘Bomb Scare’ on thier own damn NEW STATIONS for cryin out loud. You can’t tell me someone in management didn’t go, ‘Hey, isn’t that one of our signs from the Cartoon Network marketing thing?’ And of course by causing a scandal with it, they get alot more than a million in advertising and publicity…priceless

  14. If the standard of whether or not I am guilty of committing a crime is how stupid the authorities are in interpreting my actions, then we truly are a police state, because no one can fathom the true depths of stupidity that the authorities are capable of.

  15. Too bad they didn’t overreact when 5 Middle Eastern men tried to board United Airlines Flight 175 in Boston. This is almost as important though.